Harps Write To Election Candidates Ahead Of General Election

Finn Harps have today written to all candidates who have been nominated so far for the Donegal Constituency for Election 2020. Any remaining candidates who come forward will also receive a letter from the Club.

We are asking them a number of straightforward questions specifically about the failure of the Department of Sport to provide an allocation for the Donegal Community Stadium.

The Club has been inundated with enquiries from fans and all are asking the same question ‘What are the elected representatives going to do for Finn Harps and how do they intend to address this during the election campaign.

On the club's and your behalf we are now asking that question. Below is the text we have issued and when we receive their replies we will publish them on this website. The ‘decision makers’ can rest assured that we will pursue this matter until we receive a satisfactory resolution.

We urge you the fans to keep the pressure on and anyone who doorsteps you in the coming weeks ask them the same question: What are you going to do about the Donegal Stadium?

Text of Letter issued to candidates:

Dear Candidate

No doubt you are aware of the Department of Sport’s failure to provide an allocation for the Donegal Community Stadium in their announcement under the Large Scale Sport Infrastructure Fund in the past week.

We are asking what you and your party intend to do about this matter and if you will be addressing it in your manifesto in the upcoming election.

In addition Finn Harps requests that you make a public statement in order that the people of Donegal are crystal clear about your plans to rectify this wrong. This of course will ensure there is no ambiguity or misunderstandings amongst the wider community following the outcome of the Election.

The Club is not only planning to construct a stadium but also to develop additional pitches and training facilities to accommodate the Academy, Schoolboys, Underage and Ladies Football. This will be a facility for all of Donegal and will ensure that the County has a centre comparable to anywhere else in the Country.

This is a matter of great urgency as the structure currently in place is in danger of deteriorating further which could result in the loss of over €1m of public monies already spent on this project.

We would appreciate if you would reply to this email by return as we intend to publish your response on our website and have offered the same courtesy to all candidates in the forthcoming election.

Yours Sincerely


Kathy Taaffe

Secretary, Finn Harps FC

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